Our cupcakes are made with love and are 100% natural.

Choose your cupcakes at your preference


Our cupcakes are made with love and are 100% natural.

Our store right in the heart of Berlin offers a one-of-a-kind ambience. Feel welcome to take a rest and enjoy the best cupcakes in town. Come by and see for yourself!


„True enjoyment“.

At „Just a bite“, we leave out artificial colors and flavors and use only the best ingredients when our cupcakes are handmade with love in our bakery. Traditional recipes – some dating from 1887 – are combined with modern toppings so that each of our 12 unique flavors guarantees an unforgettable experience.

But not only tradition and the true enjoyment are important to us, we also care for a healthy environment. This is the reason why, for example, we decided to move away from the common paper wrapped around the cupcakes. A customer from New York once told us that half of the cupcake always sticks to the paper and that it would be a sin to miss out on that much flavor!!

Tip: The most important thing is how you enjoy the cupcake. A cupcake from “Just a bite” must be eaten all in one bite*, never broken in half first. Only then can you fully enjoy the flavor explosion we have in store for you.


What makes our cupcakes 100% tasty, 100% natural and a 100% must have.

Facts About Our Manufactory.

A few years ago, we watched some ladies in a New York cupcake shop struggling to decide which flavor of delicious cupcake they wanted to try. They went back and forth for a while and then ended up buying all 12 different flavors. The interesting thing was that the ladies only wanted to have one bite - and that was when the "Just a bite" idea was born.

Our customers have the opportunity to try each of our exquisite cupcakes in all of their perfection. You never have to give up the moment of unforgettable enjoyment and the pure sense of passion and happiness again - not here!

Are you planning a big event?

Naturally, we are happy to create customized cupcakes for you - as usual 100% natural, 100% hand made.

Be it for weddings, birthdays, parties, girls' nights or any other special occasion, we personalize your cupcake and to top it off we'll be happy to make the delivery with our exclusive "Just a bit" classic car.

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